#5770005 UNICORN SPiT 4oz 顏料、凝膠染色、彩釉 3合1

可用尺寸: 4.0液量盎司(118.2毫升)



Unicorn SPiT 是一種類似塑膠彩與水彩結合的顏料,而且更顯色更多變化,用水稀釋可以輕易造出紮染效果。可用於木材、玻璃、金屬、織物、陶器、柳條、混凝土和層壓板上。 有14種鮮豔色彩 顏料、凝膠染色、彩釉 3合1 用水稀釋可以輕易造出紮染效果、復古效果 塗上光油或famowood glazecoat 可達至更亮麗立體效果 茉莉香味 可於室內或室外使用 UNICORN SPiT Gel Stain and Glaze in One! UNICORN SPiT allows anyone to turn ordinary objects into personalized MASTERPIECES! Use on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, wicker, concrete and laminate. Ideal for creating new - or - refinishing thousands of projects. Excellent for Crafters, Makers, Hobbyists, DIYers and Pros too! • PAINT, GEL STAIN and GLAZE in One! • 14 vibrant colors! • Make your project as opaque or vibrant as your dreams require. Use as a PAINT or dilute with water to create a GEL, GLAZE, STAIN, WHITE WASH or ANTIQUING TINT! • Penetrates deep into the bare wood grain or glazes over existing finishes, brightens and highlights chalk paint, and provides a 3-D dimensional effect • Jasmine scented • Use indoors or outdoors