E6000 PLUS

可用尺寸: 1.9盎司



E6000 PLUS具有幾乎與E6000相同的性能特徵,但沒有異味!它採用高級聚合物技術配製而成,可用於大多數基材和幾乎任何應用。防水配方和全天候性能使E6000 PLUS非常適合室內和室外應用。對木材,玻璃,織物,陶瓷,寶石,金屬,大理石,玻璃纖維,混凝土,大多數塑料,Lexan等具有優異的附著力。 低氣味 晶瑩剔透 極好的抗紫外線能力 可上漆的 固化後保持柔韌性 保持永久粘合強度 洗衣機烘乾機安全 無酸 E6000 PLUS offers virtually the same performance characteristics you love about E6000 but without the odor! It's formulated using a premium polymer technology and can be used on most any substrate and in just about any application. The waterproof formula and all-weather performance make E6000 PLUS ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Excellent adhesion to wood, glass, fabric, ceramic, gems, metal, marble, fiberglass, concrete, most plastics, Lexan and much more. Low odor Crystal clear Superb UV resistance Paintable Remains flexible after curing Maintains its permanent bond strength Washer-dryer safe Acid-free

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